2nd kind of Blato

In my previous post, Time & Amber, I mentioned how a moment in time can be frozen and transplanted as traces of “home”.

Transplanting of names is common. For example, the towns Swansea and Perth from the UK appear more than once in Australia. Paris from France is reborn in Texas and several other states in the USA. There are many more examples like this, including a trace of Blato in Western Australia…

See map of Blato Place in Perth, Australia, here >>
Photos of Perth: Lee Phillips

This transplanting of course does not happen with everyone who migrates, but these are some of the things that interest me about the concept of traces – new and old places colliding with the transplanted traces – connections and disconnections. I wonder if this transplanting is happening less because of our easy access to many different forms of communication? Skype, Facebook, access to online news and images, SBS in Australia with news and current affairs in many different languages both on TV and radio and more… Does the lack of easy communication previously mean transplanting happened more? And does it mean that it will happen less because we can more easily access connections to our “home”?

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