Seemingly Unused Spaces

During my walks, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve felt that there are many unoccupied or maybe abandoned houses. I’ve looked at the houses with no rooves, or ones with only a few walls, seeing them as potential stages or impromptu theatres where interventions may be “performed” or enacted.

But since walking around with Sonja I’ve revised this notion. When I mentioned that I felt that they were abandoned, she said they look to her like they are boarded or closed up. Which I guess can imply that the people or the owners are in fact mindful of their existence. They are perhaps not letting them go, and allowing for their existence to live on, but not in the usual renovated or maintained orderliness of other houses around them.

As we walked around the back of Blato northwards, we came across one such house that we both discussed. One side looked abandoned and the other side had a lock on the front double-door. We wondered what or why there was a differentiation between the 2 sides of the one building?

As we wondered off a gentleman walked past and into the house we were observing. He had a key and unlocked the front door and proceeded into the building.

We were curious so we did a u-turn, approached and asked him a couple of questions. He said that the house was his brother’s who lives elsewhere in Blato and they use this one for storage. They could sell it if there was interest, but he suggested that his brother would pass it onto his son and then he can do it up before it deteriorates any further.

I’ve spoken with people from the island who suggest that many houses on the island of Korcula may be seemingly abandoned due to the many people who left during different waves of migration. And because these people are far away, some are not contactable, some have died, etc… bureaucratic paperwork prevents developments of these sites to move on. The co-owners of the houses have moved on, but the building can not under the current laws.

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