Thoughts & Sketches

Since my arrival on to the island of Korcula I’ve been trying to move and live by the rhythm of Korcula and try not to impose myself, but attempt to go with their flow.
korcula Peljesac ABOVE: Sketched silhouette of Korcula town with Peljesac mountains as the backdrop.
BELOW: Quick sketch of Blato sitting on a bench as I look at Veli Ucljak

Blato sketch
While I have been observing, sketching and participating in this island’s life there are a few things that I’ve noticed that are different from living in Australia most of my life. These things I am observing to see how it may inform the work I will eventually do in response to being here in Korcula and Blato.

Because it is the off-season it’s super quiet, peaceful in fact. I am used to the energy of a city, and I thought I would miss it, but there’s something about the rhythm here that I’m enjoying.

The shops are open earlier than they would be in Australia – before 9am in fact! But they close at 12.30pm and re-open roughly 5pm and close again at 8pm. So this determines one’s movements and plans for the day. People congregate, as they do in Australia, in cafes.

The thing that struck me most was the daily greeting or welcome from people. I am a stranger, not from the island of Korcula, but everyone (mostly) greets me. This I am not used to. People greet each other and chat to each other in the streets, it feels so intimate. As for me not wanting to impose, well, my very presence is noticeable, so… I have to go with that and perhaps respond back to questions and people’s natural curiosity with my broken Croatian language skills.

I have also noticed that there are heaps of bench seats everywhere and everyone uses them, this is really obvious in Blato.

My neighbours, of where I am staying, sweep their outdoor area every morning. This I thought was particular to this person, but I’ve since noticed that many people seem to do it in the morning, businesses, and private homes.

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