about Anita

I am interested in media old and new, with a focus on interactive or participatory experiences. I am fascinated with the construction of stories, images and experiences and how we as individuals can actively contribute and interact in these processes.

I recently completed a location-based walk for the streets of Moonah, Tasmania entitled an/other time which is on at the Moonah Arts Centre until the end of this year. The work shares personal untold stories from post WW2 migrants who came to Tasmania in the mid-late 20th Century. Their contribution is not often acknowledged and an/other time was an attempt to add another chapter in Tasmania’s history.

I attempt to combine old oral storytelling traditions with our newer digital storytelling means. After working on the community project Rediscovering Springfield I became even more curious about stories that were perhaps not heard widely and waiting to be shared. This started my interest in where Australian migrants came from and this is how I came to be here on Korcula.

I am also hoping that these stories can assist in some way on our current discussions on migration and refugees.


Thank you to the Copyright Agency CICF for Anita to undertake a 3 week residency at grey][area in Korcula.